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LEADA has reached its target of over 500 Members. Thanks to the recruiting efforts of a number of LEADA members but in particular the dedication given to this task by Mike and Louise Anketell.


East Gippsland Tourism Research Survey

The survey will provide EGMi with insight for better marketing, grant funding and investment opportunities, and the research report will be provided to your BTA/Chamber, providing valuable information for your future planning and marketing.
Printed collateral has been distributed to many businesses, and more is available for distribution.
A QR Code has also been developed to make the survey easy to access.
What can you do to help?
1. Include information in your communications to your networks.
2. Share information and survey link to websites and socials.
3. Promote the attached QR code which can be used for easy access to the survey.
4. Encourage operators in your networks to:
1. Send out visitors who have stayed with them
2. Ask visitors to complete the survey before they head home.
3. Share the information to their socials
4. Contact EGMi for postcards  or collect from VICs in Lakes Entrance and Bairnsdale.

Meeting for Business/Events sub-committee

Calling all Business owners & Event organisers.

A meeting is being called to form a sub-committee(s) to deal with the Marketing and Promotion of Lakes Entrance, and Events.
Monday, February 24, 2021 at 7 p.m.
Albert & Co Conference Centre – Esplanade.
See agenda below:



Light at the end of the tunnel

There is light at the end of the tunnel.  Raysof hope appeared recently with tourists and locals enjoying the fine weather in Lakes Entranceover the long weekend.  Hopefully this is the prelude to a bumper summer tourist season.

In addition, we saw the framework of the new lookout at lower Jemmy’s point arrive on site ready to be installed as a replacement for the old lookout.

To support the recovery, LEADA will continue to advocate for the completion oflong awaited infrastructure projects by the Melbourne Cup long weekend.  These include the completion of the lower Jemmy’s Point Lookout, completion of the Esplanade – Foreshore upgrade including landscaping and upgrading of the slipway and further improvements to Bullock island.

LEADA will be calling a town meeting in August to hear about these key projects as well as projects that are scheduled to be finished during the next couple of years.  These include a playground near the footbridge, completion of Bullock Island developments, improvements to the network of bike and walking tracks and a lookout at the top of Jemmy’s Point.  These developments all rely on the continuing support from all three levels of government.

Several of theseprojects will require community involvement for their success – the playground from families with children, the Tatungalung walking circuit from both the Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal community, landscaping advice from the Garden Club, the planned working bees to upgrade the Entrance walk and the planned reestablishment by LEADAof Friends of Bullock Island

Infrastructure projects for Lakes Entrance are vital but equally so is the creation of a lively, inclusive and welcoming atmosphere in the town.  Initiatives such as The Tatungalung all abilities walking circuit, the Slipway collective’s plans for the Slipway and the initiatives undertaken by many local businesses during the lockdown period are all steps that will help to achieve this.  

We need to spread the word that Lakes Entrance is open for business and is a great location for tourists to visit. LEADA supports Tim Bull’s call for a concerted marketing campaign aimed at encouraging tourists and holiday makers back to East Gippsland and Lakes Entrance.

Following the disasters the town has faced a base is being built for an optimistic future.

Bullock Island Partnership Proposal

LEADA has contacted the East Gippsland Shire in regards to the Bullock Island Partnership Proposal. Download our letter to the Mayor and Councillors.

Vic Roads Survey & Info

Vic Roads are upgrading several sections of the Princes Highway (the Esplanade) in Lakes Entrance to improve safety and accessibility for all road users, and to support local business.

Following input from the community and key stakeholders, the improvements will include:

  • Works to revitalise the foreshore, including footpath and lighting upgrades
  • New pedestrian crossing lights to improve accessibility
  • Pavement and drainage improvements to reduce the chance of flooding 
  • Intersection upgrades, making them safer for all users

All works are expected to be completed by mid-2021.

Please have your say by visiting the Vic Roads website, view the proposed changes and complete the quick survey.