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Esplande and Foreshore

May 2020 Update – 

During the last two years LEADA has been calling for a plan of action drawing upon the concepts
outlined in the 2016 CBD Improvement Masterplan, the 2015 Foreshore Park Playground plan and
the endorsed Expression of Interest for the Slipway. Excellent plans and ideas exist what is needed
is a sense of urgency to draw these plans together so that work can begin on this area that is central
to Lakes Entrance identity as soon as the footpath and boardwalk works are completed this year.
Our Federal member Darren Chester has recently announced that up to $2 million dollars will be
allocated to this area to make it attractive place for locals and road travellers to stop. He has
recently convened a meeting of stakeholders including LEADA and the Shire to get things moving.
EGSC has allocated $770,000 during the next 3 years in their budget for the foreshore park and the
Shire is applying for further funding for the playground. The playground which will have water
features is planned for the area between the footbridge and the Rotunda.

Feb 2020 Update – 

As reported in the Lakes Post
• Construction works have recommenced this month on the foreshore between Carpenter Street to the slipway.
• Upgrading of the shopfront footpath & road drainage will follow between Carstairs Avenue & Carpenter Street and is due to be completed by the mid 2020, with works stopping during school holiday
• Improvements between Carpenter Street and Myer Street are scheduled to commence in mid 2020
• Safety upgrade of the Myer Street intersection to commence late 2020.
• Remainder of solar lighting to the foreshore path to be staged throughout 2020
• All works scheduled for completion prior to Christmas 2020

October 2019 Update – 

It is pleasing to see the foreshore improvements progressing.  LEADA has been seeking further input into the landscaping works and other future works.  The project manager Callan Barker from Regional Roads Victoria has agreed to come to LEADA’s quarterly meeting to give a progress report on the upgrade project as well as to listen to your views on matters such as the landscaping of the works between Myer and Carpenter St and between the Bullock Island roundabout and the Floating Dragon.

December 2019 Update – 

RRV (Regional Roads Victoria)  rang Bruce on Wednesday 18th December to say that they would reply to my email in writing. They said that

  • they expected and believed that work on the northern footpath could be delayed until after the ANZAC weekend
  • work on the southern side would need to be commenced in February and was expected to be finished by the school holidays. This construction work would occur at the same time as the seawall was being repaired in this area.   The seawall repair itself necessitates the closing of the car park in this area.
  • construction work would be halted from the commencement of the school holidays (23rd March) til after the ANZAC weekend (27th April).
  • they expect these arrangements would result in the work along the Esplanade being completed by the 2020 Christmas peak period.

LEADA will circulate RRV’s reply as soon as we receive it.  RRV met again with shop owners on Friday morning (20th December)

November 2019 Update –

The Foreshore and Esplanade works will continue in 2020.  Regional Roads Victoria’s project will be completed by Christmas 2020. 

In 2020 LEADA will have a focus on how the area between the Slipway and the Rotunda is to be developed.  This is a critical area for the rejuvenation of Lakes Entrance.  It presents a golden opportunity.  LEADA is referring to this area as the footbridge foreshore park. 

Regional Roads Victoria’s work will create extra park space in this area and the Shire’s funding for the widening, landscaping and replacement of the opposite footpath, on the shop side, of the Esplanade will add to the potential for the footbridge foreshore park to be a major attraction for the town for tourists and locals.

The Slipway has remained neglected for 15 years.  A group of local businesses have creative and exciting plans for its use and were successful in their Expression of Interest Application.  Unfortunately, because of lack of time, their plans will not materialize for Christmas 2019 but should do so in 2020.

LEADA understands that the Shire is committed to creating a children’s playground with water features together with landscaping and a boardwalk in the footbridge foreshore park.  The design and exact location of these elements needs careful consideration.

Both the Shires endorsed design for the footbridge and the endorsed CBD improvement plan had fishing and swimming platforms under or near the footbridge.  As a cost saving measure they were deleted from the footbridge.  LEADA will work to ensure they are not deleted from the footbridge foreshore park.  Again their location and design needs careful consideration.

In the December member’s newsletter an update of the footbridge foreshore park including progress with the Slipway development will be given.

LEADA has asked the Shire to develop a preliminary design for this area drawing upon the studies already undertaken so that the community and LEADA can meaningfully participate in its design and development as well as preventing ad hoc decision making.   This should not be a drawn out process as it builds on work already undertaken.   As yet the Shire has not agreed to this request.

September 2019 Update – 

 It is pleasing to see the work progressing on the dual walkway bike path and the improvements to parking and pedestrian crossings along the Esplanade.  Current works are due to be completed before the summer period with works between Carpenter and Myer Street being undertaken and completed next winter as well as the landscaping of the foreshore and Esplanade.  The Council has provided extra funding to allow the CBD footpath to be replaced and widened from Myer St to Carstairs St.  This work should  provide a real uplift to the town.   LEADA has been asking the Council for input into the landscaping plans but as yet the landscaping plans have not been made available.

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