Lakes Entrance Future Projects Survey Results

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Bullock Track

The Bullock Island Tourist Mega site held up well to the one day of rain we received over the weekend.

Anyone brave enough to take a drive out to one of the most popular tourist destinations in East Gippsland this weekend, would have needed their gumboots and a pocket full of change for the car wash.

Officers in the East Gippsland Shire reassure us the development on Bullock Island is all going to plan and is following the overall Bullock Island Master Plan.

Rumour has it, a local resident who visited the Island on Sunday, was actually able to perform a “King Arthurs Sword” trick with a few of the new bollards. With a bit of a wiggle to and fro he was able to “pull the sword out of the rock” and become the new King of the Island.

This is quality work for Lakes Entrance. We look forward to more to come.

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